Whole Earth Adventures





Blue skies and lush green valleys lifted William’s spirit as he traveled through West New York State, first taking I-86 north to I-390, then onto I-90 to Rochester. Looking down over that valley, he could see a small town; there was an old red hay barn and white picket fences holding in giant oak trees.

He drove his Blue 2007 International tractor-trailer with yet another load of empty plastic soda bottles along the winding road that followed the slither of a river that long ago took root in the valley.

 He thought to himself, “this is some of the most beautiful country I've seen on the East Coast.” After spending most of his twenties in Denver, Colorado, experiencing one adventure after another and falling in love with the Rockies, he thought New York State was nice too. It just made him feel revived, if only for a while.

 William drove over the road out of Denver during the 90’s but after a year, he was forced to stop due to a terrible wreck in Utah that had almost killed him. He has nerve damage to this day in his right leg that causes him to walk with a slight limp.

 These days, in order to get back into any kind of driving job, even local, insurance companies require most trucking company drivers to have no less than six months of recent over the road experience.          

 For the most part, drivers without this six months experience have to start from the beginning. They have to go back to truck driving school and get their CDL all over again. This could cost them as much as $5000.00. Fortunately, William was able to find a small company to train him as he drove over the road and before he knew it, he was driving solo up and down the East coast.  

 Now at 42, William’s 5’8” athletic frame is a little heavier. His bones ache from years of punishing his body with extreme outdoor activities such as mountain biking, motorcycles, hang gliding, rock climbing and snowboarding… anything that got the adrenaline pumping.

 After living an extremely active life and having multiple broken bones and concussions, you tend to slow down in your later years. But that spirit of adventure is still there, hidden deep inside. After being on the road for weeks at a time, now all William wants to do is be home in north Florida with his wife, Lyra.

 William also has a passion for survival skills and having a preparedness mindset. Now that he is driving across the country, he knows the same things apply to his truck. William tries to keep everything he might need to get him home if anything were to happen while driving.

 It was on this beautiful early spring day in New York State while driving up I-89 at 4:50 p.m. when one of those destructive scenarios you’ve only heard about started to unfold right in front of him.