Whole Earth Adventures





  Westbound, Survival Is Not Enough is part two of a two book series, but both “Southbound” A Story Of Survival and “Westbound” can be read  independently, you may consider though first reading book one, “Southbound,” it will allow you to follow an over the road truck drivers harrowing journey back home to North Florida after an EMP plunged the United States into darkness, forever fragmenting the country.

  As you follow William’s adventures home, he will encounter both trusted friends and persistent adversaries, you will also learn several survival tips and techniques and you will read about my harrowing real-life stories of a truck wreck, white water thrills, and a street thug robbery to name a few, all blended in as flashbacks or a story told around a campfire. All this is woven into a fictional EMP scenario. 

“Westbound” continues the adventure as William and the team became tougher, smarter and more emboldened as the new reality of life becomes second nature. Follow them as they take on powerful local government thugs while they scavenge for food and supplies on a daily bases until they consider moving on to what they think must be greener pastures.

Will their choice to leave Florida be a wise one or will unbearable hardship stalk their every decision.